Bring your class or grade out for a day of learning and fun at GREAT TIMES.  All planning and instruction is done by our qualified staff.  Classes have fun while learning new ideas and activities. 


COME TRY IT OUT THIS SPRING!!!  Limited dates available.

     Great Times Day Camp offers field trips for students during the fall and the spring. Great Times offers TWO types of options for class trips.

1. The Science Based Field Trip


Pond Study
Observe aquatic life -
Using nets, go into the lake and scoop out the seaweed and place on trays.
Students sift through the dirt and seaweed, (use 2oz. cups and sticks) looking for live aquatic insects, pond creatures, and fresh water organisms.

Use cups to place findings onto clear containers (have white paper under containers) and identify the creatures using charts and books.

Observing Common Fresh Water Organisms - Through Microscopes
Using trays filled with water, seaweed and aquatic life, have students use tweezers and eye droppers to prepare their own slides and observe organisms. Use charts to identify organisms and share them with the group.

Nature Walk
Take the nature walk through the trails and discuss the water cycle and the flow of water from The Camden County Environmental Center to our lake, through to Camp Halawasa, and then on to Ocean City.
Visit both Dams and explain their purpose as a spillway.
Observe the fish nests (in the warm shallow water).
Along the way, look for turtles, snakes, nests, fish, frogs, etc.

Discuss all safety and boating rules first.

Observe lily pads, stems, flowers.
Look for driftwood, seaweed, a variety of turtles, etc.
Nests and the different types of birds along the water.
(Flowers on the lily pads are yellow because of the acidity in the water)

Compass Orienteering
Learn to navigate with a compass on a 1 mile course.

Water Testing
Learn about PH and nitrates and their importance in the lake ecosystem.

Ropes Challenge Course
Build teamwork and have adventures on our safe, low ropes adventure and rock climbing wall.

2. Fitness Based Field Trip 

(Fits the requirements for physical activity hours in schools)


4 Hours of Fun and Fitness!!

Graduation Activities, End of the Year Picnics,

Fun and Fitness Trips for ALL GRADES!

Field Trip Classes are schedules with fitness activities such as:

  • Ropes Challenge Course
  • Softball and Baseball Games
  • Soccer and Kickball Games
  • Volleyball and Basketball Games


    Lunches are included in the package for both children and teachers!!

    Call for more information and available dates at: 609-567-2166